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I was looking into purchasing canning jars today and stumbled upon a review for some that warned of the BPA content in most canning jar lids. Yikes! Here is an article explaining some alternatives to the traditional lid, and some ways to mitigate food’s exposure to BPA when using a traditional lid (like storing them upright). I’m not sure which route I am going to take as all the alternatives are fairly expensive. I may just have to use all the suggestions for reducing BPA exposure when using a traditional lid, it is a lot better than buying store bought canned goods!

*Update 07/24/2013:

Today I was buying new lids for my Ball jars at the grocery store and I was really pleased to see that the labels now say BPA free!!

-Food Less Traveled

A Gardener's Table

About a year and a half ago, home canners began to learn that the flat metal lids they use to seal their jars, like the metal cans that so much store-bought food comes in, were lined with a plastic coating containing bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical of questionable safety. Since then we’ve learned to limit our exposure to this endocrine disrupter by switching from polycarbonate to stainless-steel water bottles for grownups and from hard to soft plastic milk bottles for babies, and eleven U.S. states and even China have joined Europe and Canada in banning BPA from baby bottles. Those of us beyond babyhood, however, tend to take in BPA mainly through canned food. The linings of most cans haven’t changed.Nor have the linings of jar lids, for commercial use or for home canning.

Scientists and governments disagree about the magnitude of this problem, and even whether it’s…

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