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Grilled Green Tomato and Shiitake Sandwich

Grilled green tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms

Grilled green tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms

This sandwich was invented out of necessity, but turned out a winner! I am very picky about the source of my meat.  I only eat locally sourced meat that is free range and grass fed, and I want to know exactly which farm it comes from.  If I can’t find meat that meets my qualifications I choose to eat vegetarian. At a recent family gathering a shaky cell phone connection lead to an absence of vegetarian grilling options and only conventional beef patties; I was forced to improvise. Luckily I had been to the farmer’s market that morning and purchased some beautiful green tomatoes and fairly large shiitake mushrooms which we drizzled with oil and vinegar, sprinkled with salt, and threw on the grill. The tomatoes and mushrooms were excellent on their own, but I threw a them on a couple slices of cherry walnut sourdough bread and added cheese, mayo, basil, and lettuce for a truly outstanding and unique sandwich. It can be turned vegan by using vegan mayo or a simple vegan pesto and leaving off the cheese. The bread comes from one of my favorite bakeries, Stone House located in Leelanau. They make some truly amazing sourdough breads. You should check them out.

Grilled green tomato and shiitake mushroom sandwich on cherry walnut sourdough
Grilled green tomato and shiitake mushroom sandwich on cherry walnut sourdough


*These ingredients make one sandwich, multiply for more servings

1 large shiitake mushroom, with the stem cut off (or 2 medium)

2 slices of green tomato

1 Tbs olive oil

1 Tbs balsamic vinegar

pinch of salt

2 slices cherry walnut sourdough (from Stone House Bread, or just any old sourdough if you are not in NW Michigan) *

1 Tbs mayo

1 Tbs chopped basil

fresh baby greens (romaine, chard, etc.)

1-2 slices raw cheddar cheese


While your grill is heating, drizzle half the olive oil on the tomatoes and half on the gilled side of the mushrooms. Drizzle the balsamic on the gilled side of the mushrooms. Sprinkle salt on both. Grill until heated through and char marks form on both. You do not want the tomatoes to get soft, just tender, remove them before they start to sag through the grill grates. Remove from heat and let rest a few minutes.

Mix the mayo and chopped basil and spread on one side of the bread. Add the greens, then cheese, then tomatoes, then mushrooms. Serve while the mushrooms and tomatoes are still warm.

* If you cannot find cherry walnut sourdough, you can add 4 or 5 dried chopped cherries to the mayo mixture and just use a regular sourdough.


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    • I would guess that you could. I don’t have one so I have not tried it. The smoke from the grill adds a bit of the flavor, but I don’t think it would change it too much to use a Foreman grill. You could also try to pan fry them with a small amount of oil. It might help brown them, which brings out the flavor. I hope one of these ways works for you!

      Thanks for the re-blog by the way!

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