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Tomatillo Fruit Salad

Tomatillo, watermelon, and apple salad

Tomatillo, watermelon, and apple salad

The tomatillo, a ubiquitous and over-abundant fruit of summer. The tart hostess, and essential denizen of salsa verde. This adopted cousin of the tomato family has very little use in the culinary world outside of a salsa jar or enchilada sauce. So what are you to do with all the cute green fruits when you simply cannot eat another tortilla. Here my dear friends is my answer:

Make fruit salad!

Before this summer I had never eaten a tomatillo straight off the plant. I love salsa verde, and I always had only one or two plants, which was just enough to give me my fill of salsa, and still leave me wanting more at summer’s end. This year I wanted to grow heirloom varieties, so I planted my seeds, watched them grow, and ended up with more tomatillos than would fit in every canning jar in my home. Up to my elbows in fresh salsa (I really can’t stand salsa verde cooked and canned…it has to be fresh), and with my counter covered in the little green guys, I popped one into my mouth out of curiosity and frustration. A strange thing happened…I remembered that a tomatillo is a fruit, closely related to that delicious tart citrusy flavored ground cherry that I love so much.

So, after some experiments that basically involved me shoving a tomatillo in my mouth along with random things I found in my kitchen, I realized that they taste amazing paired with watermelon! Who would have thought!

This recipe is less of a recipe and more of a revelation. No real measurements went into its creation. It is simple, delicious, and oh so good.



Equal parts tomatillos, cubed watermelon (I used yellow), and tart apples


Slice the tomatillos and apples, mix with the cubed watermelon.  Serve!

(Told you it was easy)

The thing tha makes this dish is ripe, fresh fruit. It really is all in the quality of the ingredients. I hope you have some time to enjoy it as the summer fruits dwindle, it is a perfect end of summer dish!


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